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Bloggers inquires

Hey Babe! Thank you so much for stepping into this page!
I want you to think that sending an item to you for free it's a cost of our money and time.
What if you are not engaged with us and end up making a picture without interest or commitment?
That’s a waste of time for both .
I want our models and bloggers can relate to our brand and can build a long-term relationship, since a one-time picture does not change your and our lives.
 After evaluating your first post, in terms of mood created, image quality, engagement and eventually sales, we can move forward to the next step of assessing free outfits, photo packages and so on.
 Therefore we offer first-time blogger or models the chance to get whatever outfit for 15USD (except Occasion Wear) in exchange for an awesome post.
Send us an email if you want to join us in our journey!